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“J.D. is an extraordinary personality. Working with him is always extremely inspiring and personally very valuable. Thanks to his help, I was able to form a real team from a newly assembled crew in several workshops within a very short time. J.D. draws on a solid theoretical knowledge of behavioral styles and thus stands out pleasantly from many popular scientific works on this topic. He does not leave the participants alone with their insights about their own personality, but strives to develop a common understanding of the different characters and their individual needs in the context of the seminar. This increases the impact on the group enormously and leads to real understanding, also in the later practice in the company. Through his personal empathy, he manages to give each participant something to take with them – sometimes this can be a nut to crack. J.D. has also given me important impulses in my personal development. I am very grateful that I was privileged to work with him.” (Rainer Krug – Finance Executive – Innovation Driver – Senior Adviser, Berlin, Germany)

“We have worked with JD and his team for over ten years. During this time, he has helped us to develop our strategic path and to align our organization. We have worked in several formats, from 1:1 coaching to corporate events with 40+ key managers. It is a rare combination of a sharp analytical mind with a deep generic empathy that made JD an exceptional coach through all these years! And the results are measurable. During the last 10 years we have almost doubled the size of our company. A success to which JD contributed a lot. Conclusion: Highly recommended!” (Dr. Matthias Redlefsen – Managing Director at Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH, Hann. Münden, Germany)

“Taking part in J.D.’s Leadership course was probably the most enthralling experience I had ever had in a classroom environment. More than anything, it taught me that ‘leadership’ is not a type of behavior that you master, but a quality that comes into play only after you realize and appreciate your innate value. I recommend this course to anyone who has been lucky enough to be presented the opportunity. I look forward to applying the lessons of human interactions in my everyday life. Thanks for a great class J.D.!” (Minju Yoo – Senior Client Success Manager at Taptica, Seoul, South Korea)

“J.D. is a great teacher and very impressive person to deal with. His soft skills are amazing! During the classes at the ‘Leadership & Human Logic’ course at kmbs, J.D. has managed to involve any student into live discussion, and has shared with the students his wisdom and years of leadership & behavioral experience. I really enjoyed J.D.’s classes, and I recommend J.D. for his professional approach and for the gift of sharing his knowledge with the very simple words which reflected in my brains and heart.” (Olga Magaletska – Head of Office at National Investment Council to the President of Ukraine)

“Having participated in several management development trainings over the years, I value the ones I had with Jan Dirk the most. Whether you are leading a company, or dealing with customers, suppliers or your colleagues, it is all about people and relationships. Understanding behavior, the styles, the differences and accepting these, to me this makes the difference and brings the value in the trainings offered by Jan Dirk. I followed various versions, from cross company Leadership Training, Consultative Selling, to Management Team training, the basis is understanding behavior. When I moved from one company to another, I introduced it in the new company, as I really missed the understanding of behavior and the common language we had developed. As a trainer, Jan Dirk is strong and thorough, he challenges and supports you at the same time. I had to define scope and decide what I wanted to get out of it. Jan Dirk, it is a pleasure working with you.” (Erika den Daas – CEO at Meijer Potato B.V., Rilland, The Netherlands)

“Your workshop at Xcellent Lab gave us a very valuable tool for personal and team development. The team is functioning very well, and it shows this especially during this Corona crisis, while we are working in 2 shifts and from home. They all are supportive, motivated and flexible and we feel that we can manage it together as a team! Thank you so much JD!!” (Dr. Mei-Lie Tan – Managing Director at ExcellentLab, Hann. Münden, Germany)

“If you ever find yourself in a position of needing help, call J.D.! Sometimes we struggle with the way our team works, our customers perceive us, we interact within a company… J.D. has been and is a great coach to me and helped me significantly in dealing with adverse issues; he mobilized internal communication by explaining how we are different and need varying approaches through his Human Logic program as well as lifted the sales team to consultative sales professionals while also giving input into projects like CRM, etc.  Again, if you need help, call him!” (Jan Stechmann – VP Sales & Marketing at Ceradis, Cary, North Carolina, USA)

“J.D.’s competences make him a skilled trainer in professional development able to provide value to companies and, especially, to the employees that follow his programs. He helped me to increase awareness about my behavioural points for improvement and how to make the best use of my strong points. I really enjoyed working with him and strongly recommend J.D. for his professional approach and personal involvement.” (Vicente Navarro – Senior Vice President at BASF Vegetable Seeds, Haelen, The Netherlands)

“The contribution of Advance! Business Consulting and its courses to my professional development were extremely important. Due his great didactic and simplified way to teach concepts, J.D. has contributed enormously to my career as well as my personal growth. Concepts such as customer focus and understanding in personal style paved the growth of BVS Brazil. As he always say: In the end it is all about people.” (Vinicius Mamede Bueno – Managing Director Guatemala, Central America & Caribbean at Rijk Zwaan)

“Jan Dirk is a great teacher. I was always amazed by the amount of time and effort he puts into preparation of his classes. He is attentive to every participant and every detail. This is the highest level of TEACHING, (not just transferring information from the notes of a speaker onto the notes of a student) I have seen in the world. Jan Dirk really gets into brains and hearts of everybody in the classroom, because he fully commits his brain and heart to it.” (Pavlo Sheremeta – former Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine)

“From the start of the “Leadership & Human Logic” class, J.D. used the impressive diversity of our mostly Peking University international and exchange MBA student class to make our discussions interesting and fun. By sharing his own academic research and previous consulting experiences, J.D. was able to spark some excellent debates about leadership and management. Throughout his highly interactive class, J.D. ensured that each student received constant feedback on his or her leadership style and behavior in group situations. Personally, I finished this course with a much better understanding of how I am perceived by others and what actions I need to take to become a more effective leader in the future. I highly recommend J.D.’s class to any leader who wants to improve his or her team-building and conflict-resolution skills.”  (Michael Klueber – Amazon AWS Finance, Palo Alto, California, USA)

“Almost 3 weeks after attending JD’s Leadership Behavior class, I keep talking and thinking about it with people around me. When applied daily, the model explained and illustrated with real examples from JD’s experience or our behaviors is really efficient. Beyond the dominated subject, JD paid a lot of attention to each student, adapting his speech and methods, making sure we all got the point. Moreover JD showed himself as really human and sensitive to integrity. Thank you very much for this memorable seminar !” (Elodie Dauger – Senior Consultant Supervisor at aVB Solutions, Paris, France)

“Highly recommended! Advance! gave me the insights and tools needed to boost my career. If you aspire to leadership, this is the course for you.” (Jeff Boettge – Global Head of Crop Strategy and Marketing at BASF, Denver, Colorado, USA)

“We have been working together with Jan Dirk for about 3 years in Brazil. He handles an interesting and effective coaching method, which has very much supported the Brazilian team towards outstanding performance by increasing sales by 92% in 3 years’ time. Being a leader I have the additional responsibility when it comes to perceiving reactions and driving behavior changes within my team, and I am talking about every single detail beyond figures and mostly beyond sales. In that specific respect (beyond sales itself) I must point I appreciate Jan Dirk’s coaching method the most – colleagues getting a better understanding about themselves, colleagues enhancing business environment awareness and colleagues working with much more proactive cognitive and emotional effective responses when facing new challenges and so, consequently, we have got a more holistic business vision and a more complete social versatility within the entire team. In general lines, Jan Dirk (J.D.) is cooperating with me in terms of building real leaders; winners in all aspects of life! Thank you JD for your continuous support. Last but not the least, on behalf of the Brazilian Team we would like to thank you Jan Dirk for joining us.” (Frabricio Benatti – Executive Vice President Latin America at Agrinos, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

“I attended a multi-session leadership course that JD ran for my company over about 9 months, and can honestly say it was the single most beneficial, relevant, and practical program I have had the pleasure of participating in. Not only was the material useful and practical, JD’s style and expertise made it easy to understand and apply, as well as to actively practice in a safe and supportive environment. Most courses like this fade from your mind after days if not hours, and have little lasting impact on the attendees. He has the touch to ensure that doesn’t happen – I still refer to the materials he provided and methodologies we worked through in my daily work… I can only hope that my skill at applying them continues to grow in the future. The friends and colleagues that I attended the course with absolutely agree too.” (Kevin Cazabon – Director of Engineering at Boxcar Central, Summerville, South Carolina, USA)

“The coaching sessions definitely made me realize that if you don’t understand yourself, you cannot adequately lead other people. J.D. made me aware of my true strengths and pitfalls, and how they are related to my deeper self. This program has been instrumental for my personal development. I can only recommend others to do the same.” (Cindy Mueller – Operations Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX, USA)

“This module is the best training I’ve ever had and it stays useful in my day to day interactions” (Dr. Johan Peleman – Independent Consultant Seeds & Biotech)

“In a challenging period for the company, the Executive team of Scitex Europe decided to hire Jan Dirk to run a training program. The program on interpersonal skills was aimed for executives and high potential managers with the objective to enhance their cross-functional cooperation. Jan Dirk had an unprecedented capability to engage the program participants into an unreserved and ingenuous exchange. His analysis on the different individuals’ interpersonal styles was amazingly sharp. Jan Dirk’s insightful and concrete advice on how to make those different styles work together, was instrumental in the development of an organisation of harmony and mutual respect, where a flawless cooperation between all functions and individuals was imperative in order to reach a challenging common goal (which we did). A few years later, as the CEO of Kodak Versamark Europe, I re-hired Jan Dirk to run a training program for the company’s senior executives and I noticed that he had updated his program to correspond with the latest research on interpersonal and coaching skills: Jan Dirk is a high-caliber professional who continuously educates himself and I can recommend him to any leader, for whom seamless teamwork in the executive and managerial levels is of importance.” (Itzhak Savariego – Owner of TCI Engineering S.A., Penthaz, Switzerland)

“J.D is a unique trainer in management and leadership skills. His style of presentation and interaction are truly unique and I have never been on a similar course as the ones he ran, ever in my career. He is able to apply theory with examples of real application within the working environment. I certainly got a lot out of his courses and I know a lot of my colleagues did too. I would recommend J.D to anyone who wanted to really change their business for the better.” (Nigel Penhearow – Head of Sales & Operations Planning – Xerox Corporation, Uxbridge, Greater London Area, UK)

“I had the opportunity to work with Jan Dirk in the year 2000, during the integration process between Hoechst Schering AgrEvo Kft and Rhone Poulenc Agro Kft to form Aventis CropScience Kft, a subsidiary of Aventis CropScience SA in Hungary. Jan Dirk’ profound knowledge of interpersonal skills’ management, creativity in conflict solving and focus on getting timely results were instrumental in forming a management team oriented to success, focused on creating a new and unique company culture, avoiding the common pitfalls of merger integration. I would recommend Jan Dirk anytime to handle potential or existing conflict situations at management level, aiming at developing real leadership teams. Furthermore his strong skills in sales and strategic management provide an additional benefit to customers : building on management leadership to create winning strategies.” (Christophe Dumont – President & CEO Bayer Argentina/Cono Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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