To get the best and the most out of your people we suggest you build and promote teams with great human diversity, and invest in building trust, engagement, and collaboration.

“People who work on a team are more than twice as likely to be fully engaged”

There are excellent reasons for finding ways of how to make people work together better. In their 2019 global survey on employee engagement, the ADP Research Institute discovered that people who work on a team are more than twice as likely to be fully engaged than people who do not work on a team.

On top of that, team members who feel accepted and endorsed for who they are and for what they are good at are again twice as likely to be fully engaged than team members who do not feel part of the team, who work in dysfunctional teams, whose talents are not recognized, or who otherwise feel left out.

According to aforementioned survey data only about 15% of workers are fully engaged. That means about 85% of workers are just going to work. This says a lot about leadership and how leaders deal with human diversity.

The question is: how do we improve engagement?

The answer is as simple as straightforward: we improve engagement by improving our workers’ trust in our leadership, build productive teams, and by being versatile: accepting, endorsing and nourishing the complex idiosyncrasies between the team members.

As mentioned earlier: a key conclusion ADPRI drew from their 2019 survey was that team members are 12 times more likely to be fully engaged if they trust their team leader.

Understanding and living the logic behind human behavior will have a major impact on the engagement of each of your team members, no matter what the peculiarities of their personalities are. It will have a big impact on the quality of your teams and eventually on the results of your organization as a whole.

In our program, we aim at providing you with many practical answers to the question of how to improve trust in your leadership by the people accountable to you.

The strongest thing we have in common with others is the differences between us. Therefore, to be able to implement those answers, the first thing you’ll need to accept is that you are just as weird as all the others.

Remember: the best leaders know that human diversity creates a wonderfully productive synergy. It is instrumental in getting the best out of people, the best out of their communication, the best out of their collaboration, the best out of their creativity, and eventually the best results, provided that you help people understand that different is not weird or threatening, but in fact a great prerequisite for success.

Respect for human diversity combined with trust in leadership form an incredibly strong foundation for successful teamwork. Being on a successful team boosts employee morale and motivation. Motivated employees are more engaged and bring better results.

Our Human Logic™ program provides a wealth of in-depth information about how to be more effective and successful as a leader. In great detail we cover the strengths and liabilities of the four Behavior Styles. We analyze their primal fears and needs, their specific leadership qualities and pitfalls, how each of the styles deals with priorities, time, decision-making, and stress, and we cover in great detail how to successfully work with people with each of the Behavior Styles.

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