Whether you are a  business leader, CEO, middle manager, team leader, project leader, counsellor, consultant, lawyer, doctor, or engineer, or whether you -in any other way- have to influence people on a daily basis, please join us on our journey of exploring the wonderful diversity of human behavior. On our journey we crack the code of human behavior-including all its mystery and idiosyncrasies- and demonstrate that human behavior is not something intangible or unmanageable, but in fact something highly logical and predictable. We call it Human Logic™.

“J.D is a unique trainer in leadership skills. His style of presentation and interaction are truly unique and I have never been on a similar course as the ones he ran, ever in my career. He is able to apply theory with examples of real application within the working environment. I certainly got a lot out of his courses and I know a lot of my colleagues did too. I would recommend J.D to anyone who wanted to really change their business for the better.”

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“We work with a highly dynamic worldwide matrix organization, and we need to absolutely rely on initiative and collaboration rather than on hierarchy. Rolling out the Human Logic™ program made all the difference in accelerating our growth. It’s really all about people”

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“The Human Logic™ coaching sessions definitely made me realize that if you don’t understand yourself, you cannot adequately lead other people. J.D. made me aware of my true strengths and pitfalls, and how they are related to my deeper self. This program has been instrumental for my personal development. I can only recommend others to do the same”

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“Probably the most important thing I have learned from Human Logic™ is that other people are not weird, but just different. That insight supported me tremendously in being successful with people who are truly different from me”

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“I never realized that people are wired so differently. Figuring out the logic behind other people’s thoughts and actions has  tremendously helped me to become a better leader”

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