The Driver Style

Purpose, Goals, Results

For Driver-style people concrete goals and tangible results are essential. People with the Driver-style are motivated by a sense of purpose, and they prefer to be seen as in control of any situation, competent, knowledgeable, forceful, strong-minded and self-confident.

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Task Before Feelings

Driver-style people seem to always have clear objectives and they tend to create a sense of urgency, even when in the eyes of others urgency is not required. Driver-style people respond well to timely follow-up, attentive listening, rational reasoning and factual support, and to solutions that reflect an understanding of their personal goals. They subconsciously value all of this over making time to establish personal relationships that go beyond the task. They are clearly facts-focused rather than feelings-focused; in fact, Driver-style people dislike the display of emotions, certainly on the work floor.

Direct, Forceful, Competitive

Driver-style behavior is perceived as direct, forceful, and competitive; it is a fast paced, results oriented style. Driver-style people prefer a demanding work environment in which they can define their own purpose and goals and orchestrate the results. They do not hesitate to make fast or tough decisions, even if and when contrary to the desires of others.

Always on a Mission

Driver-style people may come across as overly task oriented and cold or aloof, especially when under pressure. This is not to say that they have no emotions or empathy. Often, they hide their empathy behind a stern and guarded façade, and their friendliness will surface only after the task has been successfully completed. They however always seem to be on a mission. Of-course driver-style people are as sensitive as anyone else, but they prefer to hide their feelings and emotions from others in their continuous attempts to be seen as strong and in control of the situation.

Generally speaking, the Driver-style appears to be strong-willed, focused and goal oriented. Obviously, these traits are to be considered as their strengths, however, like with any personality, if tipped out of balance, those positive traits may easily turn into liabilities.

Some of the strengths of Driver-style people are:

  • They are clear, concise and to-the-point communicators.
  • They quickly drill down to the essence of things, and discard details that are not immediately relevant
  • They set clear, pragmatic goals, and they are loyal to those goals.
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Some of the liabilities of Driver-style people are:

  • When put under pressure or in situations where they feel a lack or loss of control, they may become demanding and autocratic, often to the detriment of harmony.
  • They can be overbearing by being over-decisive, unnecessarily forceful, and strong-willed.
  • Especially when under pressure they may appear as lacking personal feelings or emotions.
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Our Human Logic™ program offers much more in-depth information as well as multiple case studies about Driver-style people: in great practical detail we cover their strengths and liabilities, their primal fears and needs, their specific leadership qualities and pitfalls, their decision making, how they deal with stress, priorities and time, and finally in great detail how to successfully work with Driver-Style people.

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