“The Human Logic training sessions definitely made us realize that if you don’t understand yourself, you cannot adequately lead other people. J.D. made us aware of our true strengths and pitfalls, and how they are related to our deeper self. This program has been instrumental for my own personal development as well as for the development of all other participants. I can only recommend others to do the same.”

“When the leader sneezes, the team catches a cold”

There is an amazing amount of literature available about the effect of leadership on employee motivation and morale. There are countless books and studies about the benefits and drawbacks of transformational leadership, autocratic leadership, situational leadership, or whatever other form of leadership, even NO leadership. Different authors, different views. We can learn from each of those views, but at the same time I suggest avoiding becoming dogmatic about any of them.

One thing is however for sure: when the leader sneezes, the team catches a cold.

Our view on which approach to leadership is best is complicated in its simplicity: it depends. Each and every individual human being is different. Any specific leadership approach may be inspiring to one person, and absolutely demoralizing for another. As a leader you need to be able to recognize and adequately respond to the primal needs of each individual.

You need to crack the code of human behavior, and get your people engaged, each in their own way. That seems complicated, but our work aims at making the behavioral particularities of each individual human being more transparent and easier to understand.

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