The Amiable Style

Friendly, Patient, Modest, Gentle

Perceived as friendly, patient, modest, unassuming and supportive, Amiable-style people come across as easily giving and receiving trust. Most people instantly like them and find it easy to communicate with them. Amiable-style people are usually easy to approach, and often initiate a friendly, casual conversation. They are good listeners; they tend to prioritize listening over expressing their opinions.

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Selfless Team Players

Amiable-style people like to be team players, preferably in smaller, more intimate teams or one-on-one. They are less likely to seek power for themselves. They have a good eye for the contribution and performance of others, and they enjoy encouraging others to grow and expand. When in a leadership role, they tend to have a more coaching and supportive leadership style.

In a team setting, Amiable-style people are adept at patiently helping others in turning conflicting ideas into a consensus solution that most if not all parties can genuinely support.

Their effectiveness as team players or team leaders is further enhanced by their generosity towards co-workers, especially with their time and energy. They will drop whatever they are doing to support others, and although this selflessness is often helpful and constructive, it may lead to the Amiable-style person defaulting on timely delivery of their own commitments. Also, as leaders, their drive to help others may turn into them doing too much of the work for their people, instead of holding them accountable for what they are supposed to do.

Empathetic and Compassionate

Amiable-style people back up their friendliness with genuine empathy. Generally, they are more interested in listening to the feelings or concerns of others than sharing their own feelings or opinions, which is partly because they prefer to follow the opinion of the majority. Amiable-style people are sensitive to other people’s needs and emotions; they easily demonstrate compassion with the situation of others.

Generally speaking, the Amiable-style person appears to be warm, personable, genuine, generous, co-operative, and consensus-seeking. Obviously, these traits are to be considered as wonderful strengths, however, like with any personality, if tipped out of balance those positive traits may easily turn into liabilities.

Strengths of Amiable-Style People

    • They are kind, gentle and helpful to others, and readily provide positive reinforcement to other people.
    • They are patient listeners, interested in others. They tend to ask open-ended questions, with the aim to understand.
    • They strive for consensus-based decisions, always searching for an attainable middle ground.
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Liabilities of Amiable-Style People

    • They tend to take things personally. They find it hard to separate or distinguish rational business decisions from personal, emotional relationships.
    • They may sacrifice their own needs for the sake of harmony, and they may sweep negative feelings under the rug.
    • They tend to avoid or minimize interpersonal conflict whenever possible.
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