The Autopilot

“I never realized that people are wired so differently. Figuring out the logic behind other people’s thoughts and actions has  tremendously helped me to become a better leader”

Our autopilot is amazingly predictable!

We experience and shape our lives in three different ways: instinctively, emotionally and rationally. All three aspects develop from early childhood on throughout the course of our lives. All along, the core of our personality -where our instincts, emotions and understanding interact- remains highly stable and unchanged. This character-based attitude is highly significant, as it determines how we experience our own reality. We call it the human autopilot.

Our Human Logic™ program is aimed at reprogramming (not overwriting) the autopilot, which requires us to re-learn flying by hand first, without all the automation which is supposed to help us, but in fact often leads us in the wrong direction. Adding valuable updates to the existing human autopilot software will make you more successful in dealing with a great variety of people, especially people who are distinctly different.

To do so, however, we first have to thoroughly understand how the software of the others is programmed.

In more than two decades of empirical research, as a result of thousands of Behavior Style surveys and hundreds of in-depth personal interviews we figured those programs out. We discovered that there is an absolute correlation between a person’s substantially fixed character-based attitude –the autopilot– and four unique and fairly permanent clusters of fundamental needs and primal fears. Understanding this correlation made it possible to define four major behavior patterns, which form the heart of our Human Logic™ methodology. We call these patterns ‘Behavior Styles’.

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