Human Logic™

“Probably the most important thing I have learned from Human Logic™ is that other people are not weird, but just different. That insight supported me tremendously in being successful with people who are truly different from me”

“Weird is not weird… It is just different.”

Many of us tend to walk through life as if all people are like us. And then -when the others don’t act or react like us- we wonder why all the others are so weird. If we would take a really careful look around us, however, we would see that we’re actually all really different from one-another. Aren’t those differences the reason why life is so complicated at times…?

The best leaders know that the distinct differences between individuals create a powerful diversity in talent, skills, and temperament. They know that this diversity, all this combined weirdness, is something to be drawn out to create an amazing synergy. It is instrumental in getting the best out of people, the best out of their communication, the best out of their collaboration, the best out of their creativity, and eventually the best results.

Our aim is to create a solid understanding of the unique differences between people -all that weirdness in others we are confronted with every single day- and create a profound understanding that weird is not weird, but just different. But how do you knit all these differences together in order to make something great out of it?

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