Four Behavior Styles

Ever since Hippocrates (ca. 460 – 370 BC) identified four basic temperaments along two dimensions of behavior, many authors and researchers have kept using these two dimensions to describe human behavior. In our Human Logic™ research we do the same. 

We have designated these two behavior dimensions assertiveness (yielding versus dominant behavior) and responsiveness (controlled versus outgoing behavior).

When combined, the two dimensions form a matrix describing four different Behavior Styles (Please click on the links below for more details):

Our Human Logic™ program offers a wealth of in-depth information about how to be more effective and successful as a leader, as well as multiple practical case studies. In great detail we cover the strengths and liabilities of the four Behavior Styles. We analyze their primal fears and needs, their specific leadership qualities and pitfalls, their styles of decision making, how each of the styles deals with priorities, time, and stress, and finally we cover in great detail how to successfully work with all these different people.

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